Patny Hot Dip Galvanizing


Patny Hot Dip Galvanizing

Patny Hot Dip Galvanizing

Corrosion is destructive result of the chemical action between metal and its environment. It is the process of metal being worn away. If left unprotected, steel will react with surrounding environment and return to its more stable oxide compounds thus consuming the steel in the process.

The most reliable way to protect steel being Hot Dip Galvanizing, is the practice of immersing clean, oxide free iron or steel into molten ZINC in order to form a zinc coating that is Metallurgically bonded to the iron or steel surface.

Patny Hot Dip Galvanizing

The Zinc coating process the against corrosion by providing protection to the iron or steel in the following ways

It shields the base metal from the atmosphere
Smooth and high quality coating even on awkward and intricate surfaces. Equally good coating on sharp edges and corners
Further maintenance on site rarely demanded

Hot Dip Galvanizing after fabrication is done as per I.S;2629 : 1985 a 4759; 1984. We are using the purest zinc available on the market (Special High Grade 99.995%)

Coating Requirements

Mass of Zinc Coating – Requirements for the mass of zinc coating as per is for different classes of materials are given below.

S. No. Fabricated steel articles Minimum Value of
Avarage Mass of coatings g/m2
In Microns
1 5 mm thick and above 610 86
2 Under 5mm, but not less than 2mm 400 57
3 Under 2mm, but not less than 1 .2mm 340 49

Note 1

The requirements for the minimum mass of coating are for normal atmospheres. In case of special atmosphere like marine and industrial atmospheres, the minimum mass of coating shall be increased as agreed by the galvanizer and the purchaser.

Note 2

In case of fabricated steel structures, plates, etc. The coating mass is defined in Terms of grams per square meter of the total surface area.

The Galvanizing shall be uniform, smooth, continuous and free from acid spots.

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