Solar Panel Mounting Structures

For past 25 years,Patny systems entered into design and manufacture of Solar Panel Mounting Structures in India,Hyderabad.We are leading manufacturer of Solar Panel Mounting Structure and our product is made of best quality. Our solar panel Mounting structures are the pillar of a solar power plant as they provide support to modules. Without these, solar structure are not able to capture the required major of solar radiation for best solar generation. Proper placement and preparation of mounting structures are one of the key indicators. A good mounting structure can not only tolerate the weight of solar modules, but can also resist extreme weather conditions. A variety of materials ranges from wood to polymers have been used to generate strong and hard-wearing mounting structures for solar panels.

Solar Panel Mounting Structures Manufacturers

We are effective in manufacturing, supplying and exporting of mounting structure to the clients. These structure are manufactured using superior quality materials and their parts. The accessible structure is useful for whole type of installation be it local or profitable or industrial. Our Provided structure has tough construction appropriate for entire kind of dispensation.  Our leading-edge solar structures are designed to base any type of solar module to help you harness the maximum potential of solar energy.


Minimum Order Quantity50 Kilowatt
Usage/ApplicationSolar Panel
Frame MaterialGalvanized Iron
MaterialGalvanized Iron



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