Solar Structures Manufacturers

Patny systems are one of the leading solar structure Manufacturers in India. We’re offering a various range of mounting solutions for various solar projects. These solar structures can be advantaged in various sizes, designs and other related specifications. At our manufacturing unit, our engineers manufacture the structure using the finest grade elements and progressive approaches. we unite on the excellency of these products during their growth or during their own installations. Accuracy has become the best of these structures constructed.


Top Solar Structures Manufacturers in Hyderabad

We, solar structure Manufacturers, conclude that mounting structures are the substance of a solar power plant because they offer conservation to modules. As the leading solar structure manufacturers in Hyderabad, we can allow structures that will boost solar panels at capable angles thereby warranting that they admit optimum solar radiation. Our troop bests in conserving the responsibility towards grade and delivering a top-grade establishment to its clients. With a clear favorable of their demands and timely delivery of the service over the years, Patny systems have erected ahead of others.


Easy and fast to accumulate

Many years of maintenance free life

Strong Robust and Total Safety

Structures are well endangered against adverse climatic conditions

Optimal surface treatment for high corrosive resistance.


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